This is a blog following a buildingproject in Hensåsen in Vang, drawn and built by 19 architecturestudents plus their teachers at NTNU in Trondheim. The group is a mix of both Norwegian students and exchange students and we are working together with Innovangsjon, Vang commune, Begna bruk and Norsk massivtre.


 The project is situated in Hensåsen, a new developing housing area and we are building a public space for both the people moving to this housing area and the rest of the people in Vang. It is a construction containing both a viewpoint directed towards Hugakollen, some benches and a nice place to put a fire, and also a climbing tower with possibilities for sleeping and spaces for children to play in.  


We are building the whole thing in two weeks and this blog will (hopefully, if we have time) be updated every day with pictures from both the site and from the prefabrication in Begna. The construction will mostly contain of wood, both massive wood and simpler constructions, but with some slatestones as cladding.




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